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White Truffle strain is an Indica-weighty Gorilla Butter pheno with a powerful hit of THC. Be ready to hit your pinnacle of nervousness free concentration and imagination right off the bat in the high, trailed by a smooth change when now is the ideal time to get comfortable for rest.

Is it true that you are interested by this Oklahoma-conceived Goldilocks cannabis? Peruse on for a full breakdown of White Truffle that will leave your mouth watering.

Like its famous culinary namesake, the White Truffle strain is unctuous, sharp, and something you’ll have to experience to figure out the promotion. On the off chance that you’re searching for a clean cerebral high and something exquisite to scrub your range, this trichome-crusted nug has definitively what you want.

The Lowdown on the White Truffle Strain

In spite of being a general novice to the stoner summary, White Truffle is causing disturbances because of its posh parentage and stick out, umami flavor profile in a market overwhelmed by vanilla and citrus.

Hereditary qualities

White Truffle strain is the meaning of hereditary flawlessness. Gorilla Glue #4 and Peanut Butter Breath meet up as a unified whole for a tasty 70% Indica/30% Sativa crossover.

It’s the brainchild of Oklahoma-based BeLeaf Cannabis 2.0, a famous pheno tracker known for developing new strains with industry forces to be reckoned with like Fresh Coast Seed Company, Square One Genetics, and Lit Farms.

THC and CBD Levels

At 25-30% THC, White Truffle weed is the meaning of weighty and boisterous. It requests regard, particularly for people attempting to stay sufficiently discerning to exploit the influx of cool, quiet, and gathered imagination they’re going to encounter.

It likewise comes locked and stacked with 2% CBD, a decent widely appealing equilibrium that allows you to partake in your body high without compromising the head buzz.

Terpene Profile

The terpene profile in White Truffle strain is awkward in humulene, pinene, b-caryophyllene, myrcene, and limonene.


This oaky, fiery terpene found in jumps is answerable for the herbaceousness of White Truffle weed.

Early exploration has given promising indications of humulene going about as a calming, so smokers living with ongoing agony might need to try this strain out on the off chance that they’re searching for alleviation.

It’s likewise an anorectic, so you don’t need to stress over White Truffles strain prompting a devilish instance of the munchies.


White Truffle is weighty on the pinene, one of the most widely recognized terpenes across all kinds of pot. The timberland scented oil is overgrown and profound however with an unquestionable newness that makes for a smooth hit.

Pinene is empowering and assists smokers with zeroing in on the main job, whether channeling your imaginative energy into another venture or at long last helping through the last several times of that show you’ve been significance to watch.


Another flavor forward terpene, b-caryophyllene, alludes to cinnamon, cloves, rosemary, and dark pepper.

B-caryophyllene can help your high since the main terpene likewise goes about as a cannabinoid. It lets more THC past the blood-mind hindrance while effectively dissolving away tension, sadness, and nerve torment.

At the point when it joins together with myrcene, it’s additionally perfect for sleep deprivation.


Both Peanut Butter Breath and Gorilla Glue #4 are high in myrcene, one of the basic variables in how gassy a strain’s flavor and fragrance are. White Truffle acquired only the slightest sprinkle of acrid diesel covered under all that gritty flavor.

Myrcene is a phenomenal narcotic and muscle relaxant for an exemplary love seat locked high that will leave you out like a light after only a couple of tears.


Citrusy, splendid limonene is really normal in a few well known strains, including Lemon OG and Papaya Cake. It gives White Truffle smokers a speed of thrill and goes about as a mind-set enhancer.

White Truffle Strain Experience

What are you in for when you go White Truffle hunting?


Regardless of its sugar-cleaned appearance, White Truffle is everything except sweet.

Be ready for a hit of rich, gritty mushroom and sharp garlic. A delicate richness makes for a smooth breathe in, yet you’ll see OG-style gas and complex zest on the exit plan. strains like mochi gelato will almost give you the same taste

This strain settles vigorously in the chest and throat with a charming funk from its Indica-weighty DNA.


Assuming you’ve at any point strolled through the woodland on a warm, drizzly day, you have some thought of the strongly root-like fragrance that this heavenly nug brings to the table.

White Truffle is humulene-forward with an encouraging musk like Space Monkey, without the extreme fruitiness.


White Truffles strain flaunts serious sack request, because of its perfectly thick layers of the violet-drenched calyx, fragile orange hairs, and a terpene-rich net of translucent trichome saps that sparkle wonderfully against the profound murkiness of the internal purple buds.

The nugs are little and spade-molded, and you’ll need to break out your dependable processor to get through the entirety of that frosty pitch. visit otplug menu for more exotic flavors

Health advantages and Side Effects of  White Truffle strain

Perhaps of the most astonishing thing about smoking White Truffle is the euphoric head rush that hits very quickly. You’ll feel an unexpected feeling of tranquility and happiness, with a slight buzz of centered energy.

Not at all like most high-THC strains, this one keeps you ready and accommodating with a general feeling of prosperity.

Ensure you direct your consideration towards anything that task you’re attempting to chip away at before you begin smoking. The euphoric daze can be difficult to shake on the off chance that you’re as of now flowing on the lounge chair, particularly in the event that you’re wanting to return for more.

Health advantages

With a great terpene profile, nothing unexpected White Truffles strain is a #1 among stoners hoping to calm what distresses them.

The exciting blend of limonene, pinene, and humene makes an inebriating escort impact that alleviates joint torment, calms sore muscles, and facilitates headaches while leaving you perceptive and peaceful.

It’s great for treating the side effects of ADHD, ADD, and uneasiness when utilized with some restraint, while heavier smokers will find it compelling for their sleep deprivation.

Negative Side Effects

For experienced smokers, White Truffles weed strain offers a piece of cake high with not many unfriendly aftereffects.

A few clients report an extreme instance of cotton mouth, so ensure you have a hydration homeboy close by to remind you when now is the right time to take a beverage.

Eye redness is likewise a chance, yet it’s nothing a couple of drops of Visene won’t fix.

In the event that you’re a nug beginner, you’ll need to proceed with caution until you comprehend what White Truffle means for you. The crazy THC levels can unforgiving your smooth by prompting tension and distrustfulness.

Developing White Truffle Strain

It’s difficult to accept such a small seed can pack such a major character.

White Truffle strain is a photoperiod plant, yet inquire as to whether you would rather not sit around watching out for guys.

They’ll be somewhat more costly, yet the work saved pruning is certainly worth the expense.

This tasteful woman makes an appearance inside or out, inasmuch as she has a lot of daylight and semi-moist circumstances. With a touch of TLC, your White Truffle strain will arrive at levels going from 30 to 60 inches, so twofold check you have bunches of vertical space to let her twist.

This simple producer blossoms around 7-9 weeks, creating flawless glasslike tacky yucky nugs on a rich scenery of inky purple buds.

Expect a yield of around 15 oz per plant outside, with a mid-October collect or all year creation of 1-2 oz per square foot inside.

Since White Truffle is an interesting delicacy, most DC dispensaries will pay as much as possible for a very much developed crop.

Where to buy White Truffle  strain online

Prepared to encounter one of the choicest highs of your life?

In contrast to genuine white truffles strain, there’s no requirement for extraordinarily prepared pigs to get your hands on this rational yet wanton strain. You can visit our telegram menu to get some white truffles at the best wholesale prices


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